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Hearts and Arrows

Hearts and Arrows patterns display in brilliant round diamonds if the diamond has been precisely cut within certain parameters, these patterns are visible under specific lighting conditions. They consist of eight hearts when viewed from the pavilion side (the back of the diamond - table side facing down) and eight arrows when viewed from the crown side (the front of the stone with the table facing up). In 1988 Kinsaku Yamashita designed an appropriate viewer (see image to the left) which creates the typical images illustrated below. The H&A pattern is very sensitive to symmetrical imperfections. Due to the high degree of symmetry and the limited proportion sets for which the patterns are visible a premium price is paid for H&A diamonds as with those with 'Ideal cut'. The appearance of the pattern is a strong indicator of a top quality cut but there are varying degrees with regards the perfection and crispness of the H&A patterns.

The Hearts

All eight hearts should be the same size and clearly visible and sufficiently bright with the overall pattern being uniform. The shoulders of the hearts should be flattened. Pointed shoulders are a result of table size being greater than 60%. The hearts should have symmetrical points. Asymmetrical points are a result of an offset between the left and right side of the hearts. There should be a space between the heart and the v underneath the point of the heart, with all eight v's being well balanced.

The Arrows

The pattern of eight arrows should be the same size, all clearly visible and sufficiently bright with the overall pattern being uniform. The star shaped pattern in the centre, formed at the base of the arrow's shafts should not be too large, a consequence of this being arrows which are too short. It should also resemble a star shape and not have white areas that surround the shafts of the arrows, this will affect the star shape in the centre.

Certified diamonds - Why buy from us?

Each of the major Internationally recognised laboratories such as GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI have their own set of grading criteria which are all slightly different so there are small tolerances between the grading houses on which exact dimensions create ideal cut diamonds. 'Heath diamonds', along with its partners, cut and manufacture TripleEx™ Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. These Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are perfect Ideal cut diamonds showing precise Hearts and Arrows and are the finest on the market. Our partnership with DeBeers DTC sight holders allows us to supply these diamonds at a highly competitive price. The Hearts and Arrows effect is achieved by cutting, aligning, and positioning all of a diamonds 58 facets to perfection and can be viewed through a Hearts and Arrows viewer at our studio. A TripleEx H&A™ Hearts and Arrows Diamond requires almost twice the amount of time to cut and polish as compared with a commercial round brilliant diamond. TripleEx H&A™ diamonds are superb Ideal cut diamonds showing perfectly crisp Hearts and Arrows , exceptional brilliance and are accompanied with either GIA, HRD or IGI triple excellent certificates or AGS 'triple 0' certificates.

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